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Twin Sister With Different Personality

Rp 63.450

Judul : Twin Sister with Different Personality
Penulis : Cals Thania
Penerbit : Zahira Media Publisher
ISBN : 978-623-96543-1-3
Jumlah Hal : v + 113 Halaman
Ukuran Buku : 13 x 20 cm

Abstrak : 
The book you are currently holding is a book about a friendship written by Calista straightforwardly, honestly and as it is. In this book the beauty of friendship flows through the conversations of the characters presented by Calista to invite us to understand more deeply the meaning of friendship. Calista has a unique writing style and allows the reader to enjoy the flowing story.
The existence of this book originated from the assignment of personal projects in project classes at sekolah alam Purwokerto, junior high level. In the project class everyone can work on a project that suits their interests. Calista who has an interest in writing and English – among her other interest-began writing this book since the beginning of semester 1 last July and thanks to the hard work also the seriousness of Calista, this book can be completed and become calista’s first book.

Zahira Media Publisher "Teman Meraih Ilmu" Penerbit Buku di Purwokerto

: 3
: 978-623-96543-1-3
: Tidak ada
Bidang Ilmu
: Tidak ada
: 113
: 13 x 20 cm
: 2021
: Novel

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